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Statistics and Bioinformatics Unit (UEB)

The Statistics and Bioinformatics Unit (UEB) was created within the VHIR in order to promote the use and development of modern statistical and bioinformatics resources, mainly in the biomedical field.

Nowadays, the Statistics and Bioinformatics Unit includes the former Support Unit in Methodology for Biomedical Research (USMIB) and, as part of the Scientific and Technical Support Area of the Vall d'Hebron Research Institute, has the mission to provide expert advice, services and training for clinical and biomedical research.

Services Portfolio:

Statistical and Methodological advice on clinical research and high throughput data

        Advice on protocol development of research projects

        Study design

        Sample size calculation

        Variable definition

        Protocols and data collection forms

        Data format and management for high throughput data studies

Data analysis of clinical research studies

        Execution and data analysis

        Database design

        Validation of measurement procedures

        Statistical analysis design

        Basic univariate/bivariate descriptive data analysis

        Correlation analysis and statistical modelling

High throughput data analysis

        Microarray data analysis

        RTqPCR (microfluidic cards) data analysis

        Exome variant analysis

        Metagenomic/metabarcoding studies

        RNA-seq data analysis

        Other NGS studies

            - Methylation data analysis

            - "De novo" sequencing

Advanced data analysis

        Advanced annotation and significance analysis

        Integrative 'omics data analysis

        Biomarker selection and validation

Communication of scientific results

        Generation of tables and graphs

        Analysis methods writing

        Results interpretation

        Statistical review of publications or presentations

        Reply to the reviewer's comments

Development and maintenance of bioinformatics applications

        Specific local or online databases

        Tailored applications and user interfaces

        Installation and maintenance of bioinformatics applications

General or specific training activities

        Courses about general (statistics, bioinformatics) or specific (gene expression analysis database, survival analysis) topics

        Participation in formal training programs to VHIR or VH environment

Resources (software and hardware) booking for "high performance" data analyses

Alex Sánchez, Ph D
Head of the Unit
+34 93 489 4007
Access Procedures

In general, a first interview (or e-mail contact, at with the unit staff to discuss the experimental project must be hold before placing a service order.

Follow the link in button “Service request” located at the right side of the UEB-USMIB web page in order to request services.