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Genomics Platform

The Genomics Platform of the Biodonostia Health Research Institute was created with a view to providing the necessary knowledge and equipment to researchers and assistance to the scientific community to help them in their research.

The Genomics Platform offers advice for, and interaction with, research groups to help them implement the most appropriate genomics and transcriptomics techniques for the biological problems being studied, and also to help them design and/or refine new experimental approaches.

We have qualified staff, the latest techniques and equipment for sequencing, genotyping and analyzing gene expression, and a recently created lab which was designed following recommendations based on good laboratory practices.

Offered services:

  • Sanger sequencing.
  • NGS sequencing.
  • Real-time PCR.
  • Digital PCR.
  • Quality analysis and DNA-RNA quantification.
  • Typhoon scanner.
  • MAGPIX multiplex reader.
  • Human cell line authentication.
Ana Gorostidi Pagola
Head of the Genomics Platform
+34 943006127
Access Procedures

Kindly contact the head of the Genomics Platforms at: for more information and detailed budget.