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Supercomputing Service

To satisfy the diverse computing needs of the researcher, besides from the free computational hours provided with SDF service, CSUC also provides access to the following computing architectures:

Hybrid Bull

Hybrid Bull, called collserola, is a high-speed distributed-memory machine formed by 20 Xeon processors, with 240 cores, and 10 Phi coprocessors with 600 cores in total. Hybrid Bull has 2,816 GB memory and 20 TB in disk.

SGI Altix UV 1000

The UV 1000 supercomputer, called pirineus, is a shared-memory machine with 224 processors, for a total of 1344 processing cores. It has 6.14 TB of memory and 112 TB of disk storage.

Bull NovaScale

This cluster from Bull, called prades, is a distributed-memory machine, with a total of 352 processors, 1.6 TB of primary memory, and 52.6 TB of disk storage.



Ricard de la Vega, Computing and Applications Manager +34 93 205 3898

Alfred Gil, HPC Leader +34 93 551 6208

Pere Puigdomènech, HPC Engineering Support  +34 93 551 6218

Cristian Gomollon,  HPC Scientist Support +34 93 551 6227

Adrián Macía, HPC Scientist Support +34 93 551 6222

Alfred Gil, PhD.
HPC Leader
+34 93 5516208
Access Procedures

The supercomputing service is aimed at universities and research centers (academic use) and also at commercial companies (industrial use).

You may use our resources with academic rates if you are a researcher from:

  • A Catalan university or a center of the Spanish National Research Council (CSIC) in Catalonia.

  • Any other research group in Spain.

Private enterprises can also apply to this service, with a dedicated or shared use of the machines, based on their needs.