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Servei de Genòmica Bioinformàtica

The Genomics Bioinformatics Service Servei de Genòmica  Bioinformàtica is a research support service for all members of the UAB, both from the campus and from the “esfera”, and also for other public and private institutions.
It was created by fusioning the expertise and the equipment from two services highly interconnected, genomics and bioinformatics, in order to promote them and improve in research and innovation. The SGB has participated in a large variety of basic and applied research projects, both by performing experiments and assessing the experiment design and the analysis of results.

These are the services that we provide:

1) Collaboration in research projects about genomics and transcriptomics

2) Advising and training in those fields

3) Self-service of some SGB devices

4) Specific analysis of DNA, RNA and microarray samples

5) Bioinformatic analysis of genomic data

6) Integrated services of Molecular Biology, Genomic and Bioinformatic


  Head of Genomics Dr. Joaquín Ariño
Telèfon: 93-581-2182    Head of Bioinformatics Dr. Antonio Barbadilla
Telephone: 93-586-8941    TechnicianSra. Estefanía de la Torre
Telephone: 93-586-8942    TechnicianSr. Roger Lahoz
Telephone: 93-586-8945    Superior technicianDra. Raquel Egea

Anna Barceló
+34 93-5868947
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Servei de Genòmica i Bioinformàtica

MRB-Parc de Recerca UAB
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