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Radiological protection technical unit


  • Measurement of levels of surface contamination and radiation in radioactive facilities. Counted using:
    • liquid scintillation (14C, 3H, other radionuclides)
    • solid scintillation (RIAs, 125I, other radionuclides)
    • electronic autoradiography
  • Measurement of radiation levels and of the quality of X-ray devices
  • X-ray radiography inside a booth
  • Handling of radioactive products in vitro, in vivo and in cell cultures in authorized radioactive facilities

Range of services

  • Training in radiological protection at various different levels (supervisor course recognized by the Nuclear Safety Council, twice-yearly training courses, etc.)
  • Drafting and processing of authorization documents for radioactive and X-ray facilities
  • Consulting and management of radiological protection systems for radioactive and X-ray facilities
  • Inspection of contamination and radiation monitors
  • Hermeticity monitoring of encapsulated sources
  • Monitoring of levels of surface contamination and radiation in radioactive facilities
  • Quality control and measurement of radiation levels of X-ray equipment
  • Quantification of radioactive samples

Examples of application

  • Quality control of medical X-rays
  • Quality control of industrial and research X-rays, among others
  • Drafting and processing of authorizations for radioactive and X-ray facility and staff licensing
  • Radiological protection training courses
  • Quantification of radioactive samples


  • Wallac Rack-beta models 1209 and 1409 liquid scintillation counters
  • Packard models 1500, 2100, 2810 and 2900 liquid scintillation counters
  • Wallac Compugamma Wizard 1470 solid scintillation gamma counters
  • Packard Cobra II solid scintillation gamma counters
  • Biorad Molecular Imager FX and FX Pro Plus electronic autoradiography units
  • Molecular Dynamics Typhoon 8600 electronic autoradiography unit
  • FAG Contamat FHT-111M surface contamination measuring unit
  • FAG FH40F2, NE Technology PDM1A radiation level measuring equipment
  • Atomtex AT1123 X-ray radiation level measuring equipment
  • RTI Electronics Piranha PMX-I quality control equipment for X-ray units
  • Hewlett Packard Faxitron 43855 A X-ray booth
  • Fuji Medical Film FPM 100A automatic radiographic film developer
  • Specific equipment for the management of radioactive waste and radiological protection
Dra. Inmaculada Rafecas Jorba
Contact person
934 034 641
Access Procedures

Any person applying for the first time for any services by CCiTUB must enter as a new user. For this purpose it is necessary to fill in an application form which can be downloaded from The form must be sent to

Assurance of quality

ISO 9001:2008. The CCiTUB have well-established a system of management of the quality based on the ISO norm 9001, which also satisfies the Good Manufacturing Practice requirements (GMP).


Recognition by the Food and Drug Administration as a contract laboratory to perform drug tests.

Acknowledged laboratory Register of Agroalimentary Laboratories of Catalonia.