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Radioactive facility

DIBELL counts with a prepared space to meet the needs of the research with radioactive material. This is the Radioactive Facility (I.R.) with IR registration number -1145.

The I.R is 2nd category, which means that it is unlikely to receive effective doses greater than 6 mSv per official year or greater than 3/ 10 of the equivalent dose limits for the lens, skin and extremities.

Currently the IR consists of 2 areas. One is the radioactive cultures room located in the LOM and the other is located in the laboratory of Molecular Genetics.

Its use is restricted, with a few exceptions, to accredited professionals specifically trained in the field of ionizing radiation, in the specialty of Encapsulated Sources (Operator or Supervisor license).

The head is the Supervisor, and students and researchers and technicians are subject to its authority in matters related to work at the facility.

Every person engaged in IR should know and follow the Rules of Operation, as well as acting in an emergency.

A reputable outside company is responsible for the declassification and disposal of radioactive waste generated in the IR