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Proteomics COS Facility

The service integrates different technologies:

  • Gel-based Proteomics
  • MS-based Proteomics
  • Interactomics

Proteomics provide the ability to implement optimized methods to profile proteins in biological fluids and tissues, to quantify proteins, to identify protein, posttranslational modifications, and to study protein-protein interactions and we also have the capability to modify and develop entirely new assays as required by our clients. Some of the applications:

Protein identification
Shotgun proteomics (identification of proteins in complex mixtures)
Targeted proteomic profiling (SRM assays)
Relative and absolute quantitation
Post-translational modification analysis
2-D PAGE (Two-dimensional polyacrylamide gel electrophoresis) and 2-D DIGE
Characterization of affinity purified or immunoprecipitated proteins and complexes
Characterization of intact recombinant proteins
MALDI tissue imaging
Bacterial Identification
Molecule-molecule interaction
Luminex bead array

Nuria Canela, PhD
COS Technical Coordinator
+34 977300431
Access Procedures

Please contact with our project manager by mail: or phone: +34 977 300 431

Assurance of quality

COS works under ISO 9001