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The main objective of this platform is to provide technological and scientific support in proteomics to the entire scientific community. Its services include technical support, expertise advice and specialised training to all actors within the biotech sector.


  • Scientific and Technological Consulting for Proteomics projects. 
  • Protein extraction and sample preparation: Protein extraction from tissues, cellular culture and biofluids.
  • Protein and Peptide fractionation:
    - Liquid Chromatography fractionation by HPLC (Reverse Phase and SCX).
    - Electrophoretic Fractionation (mono- and bidimensional).
    - Subcellular fractionation.
  • Mass spectrometry analysis:
    Protein characterization.
    - Determination of protein molecular weight.
    - Protein Identification.
    - Characterization of protein postranslational modifications (PTM).
    Quantitative proteomics by iTRAQ and Label-free analysis.
  • MRM (Multiple Reaction Monitoring).
    - Design of MRM assays for peptide and protein quantification.
    - Verification of MRM assays in complex samples.
  • Bioinformatic Analysis.
    - Biological Interpretation and functional analysis.

Proteomics Platform Services (pdf). 


Joaquín Fernández Irigoyen.
Head of the Proteomics Platform.
+34 848425740
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