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  • Two-dimensional electrophoresis
  • Image analysis (DIGE)
  • Mass spectrometry (MALDI-TOF, MS/MS and top-down proteomics)
  • Liquid chromatography (HPLC)

Range of services

  • Separation of peptides and proteins
  • Quantitative analysis of protein samples
  • Identification of proteins
  • Whole protein analysis


Examples of application

  • Study of protein markers
  • Study of post-translational modifications in protein samples
  • Quantitative analysis


  • Electrophoresis:
  • Amersham Biosciences IPGphor 2-D electrophoresis protein separation system
  • Image analysis:
  • Amersham Biosciences DeCyder DIGE enabled TYPHOON TRIO fluorescent scanner
  • Scission and digestion of gel stains:
  • Genomic Solutions Investigator ProGest digestion unit (up to 96 samples)
  • Mass spectrometry and liquid chromatography:
  • LTQ-Orbitrap Velos ion trap mass spectrometer with Thermo Finnigan electron transfer dissociation (ETD) accessory
  • Thermo Finnigan LCQ DECA XP ESI ion trap
  • Applied Biosystems MALDI-TOF Voyager DE perspective mass spectrometer
  • Proxeon Nano LC Easy and Eksigent Nano LC Ultra AS2 nano liquid chromatographs
  • Data analysis:
  • Licences for Protein Prospector, SEQUEST and Proteome Discoverer 1.2 from Thermo
  • Finnigan , and PEAKS from BioInformatics Solutions
Dr. Josep M Estanyol Ullate
Contact person
934 039 929
Access Procedures

Any person applying for the first time for any services by CCiTUB must enter as a new user. For this purpose it is necessary to fill in an application form which can be downloaded from The form must be sent to

Assurance of quality

ISO 9001:2008. The CCiTUB have well-established a system of management of the quality based on the ISO norm 9001, which also satisfies the Good Manufacturing Practice requirements (GMP).


Recognition by the Food and Drug Administration as a contract laboratory to perform drug tests.

Acknowledged laboratory Register of Agroalimentary Laboratories of Catalonia.