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Parc de Salut Mar Biobank (MARBiobanc)

MARBiobanc is the biobank of the Parc de Salut Mar in Barcelona. It is a public non-profit organization that gathers various collections of biological samples conceived for biomedical research purposes and organized as a technical unit with standards of quality, order and purpose (Law 14/2007 of July 3 on Biomedical Research)

The MARBiobanc is structured around two areas, one that includes mainly tissues (solid tissues and blood) and another one that includes all other non-tissue samples (serum, plasma, urine, etc.). Each of these areas is duly adapted to store safeguard and monitor each specific type of sample.

• Management of collections (samples and associated information).
• Storage of human biological samples.
• Traceability of samples at all times.
• Temperature control reports
• Sample requests management
• Advising on sampling collection in different areas: labeling, coding, cryopreservation, and transport.
• Advising on ethical and legal aspects, drafting informed consent.
• Extraction of DNA and RNA.

Sample collections in the Biobank
• Bank of cryopreserved tumors
• Bank of paraffin embedded tissues (leftover diagnostic tissues)
• Bank of hematological malignancies
• DNA bank of oncological diseases
• DNA bank of cardiovascular disease
• Bank of samples from patients with influenza A (H1N1)
• Bank of lung diseases (Pulmonary Biobank Platform)


Biobank Management
- Scientific Director: Núria Somoza Abelló (
- Secretary: Eulàlia Puigmartí Pich (, Tel. 933160404

Biobank Technical Managers
- Technical Manager (Hospital del Mar): Beatriz Bellosillo Paricio (
- Technical Manager (IMIM): Núria Somoza Abelló (
- Biobank Technicians: Laia Bojar Chicharro (, Lídia Ruiz Moya (

Núria Somoza Abelló BSc PhD
Scientific director
Tel: 93 316 04 00
Access Procedures

Researchers interested in MARBiobanc samples must send the properly completed Sample Request Form to the MARBiobanc secretary along with the following documentation:
• Project.
• Report by the Ethics Committee of the requesting institution, if applicable.
• Report by the Scientific Committee of the requesting institution, if applicable.
• Documentation accrediting funding for the project.
This Sample Request Form must be sent by email to MARBiobanc (
Once it has been received, MARBiobanc will send the request to the Biobank’s external committees: the Ethics and Scientific Committees.
Should the request be accepted, a material transfer agreement (MTA) will be signed between the two centres. Samples will then be sent upon signing said agreement.

Assurance of quality

Quality management system standard ISO 9001:2015 for the following fields of activity: “Biobanc service provision of human samples for biomedical research purposes: processing and fractionation, storage and /or cryopreservation, transfer and delivery”.