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Optical Microscopy Unit

Our Optical Microscopy facility provides users with advanced light microscopy equipment together with the needed support for the preparation and maintenance of the sample prior to imaging acquisition.

Facility personnel assist researchers to plan their light microscopy experiment as well as to choose the particular equipment that best fits the assay. In addition we also provide both the required training to operate the microscopes and either the supervision or technical support along the whole acquisition, processing and interpretation of the data.

The Unit is equipped with:

  • Confocal Leica TCS SP5 tandem-AOBS_MP  (inverted, 2-photon, motorized, incubator)
  • Confocal Leica TCS SP5 (inverted, motorized, incubator)
  • Confocal Leica TCS SPE
  • ZEISS AxioObserver Z1- ApoTome (inverted, motorized, incubator, ApoTome imaging system).
  • Epi-fluorescence Olympus Cell R LT20 (inverted, motorized, incubator)
  • Epi-fluorescence Leica DM6000B
  • Epi-fluorescence Leica DMI4000B (inverted, incubator)
  • Stereomicroscope Leica Macrofluo Z16APO
  • Stereomicroscope Leica Fluocombi MZ16
  • Stereomicroscope Olympus Macrofluo MVX10

Carme Casal

Carme Casal
Optical Microscopy Specialist
+34 933160357
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