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Microscopy and Cytometry

The Microscopy and Cytometry Service is divided into two locations, one for the Flow Cytometry Unit and another for Confocal Microscopy Unit. Both units are located in the basement of the building and Biomedicine, laboratories B-1.5 and B-1.1 respectively.

Flow Cytometry Unit currently has a digital analyzer cytometer FACS Canto-II (from Becton Dickinson) with three lasers 4-2-2 configuration and to analyze up to eight different colors. The cytometer is equipped with a computer to control the operation comes installed with software analysis FacsDiva v. 6.1.1. Also available is a magnetic cell separator device, Automac Pro (Miltenyi Biotec) in a cabin class II biosafety.

In addition, the service also offers additional software for different applications such as ModFit LT for analysis of cell cycle FCAP Array experiments CBA (BD) and two licenses of analysis software file FlowLogic cytometry (Inivai). Other facilities that are available to the Cytometry Service Refrigerator of 4ºC, vortex, a set of micropipettes, printer, computer independent analysis data once acquired.

Applications are now offering this service studies cell cycle, oxidative stress (different fluorescent probes) for immunophenotyping, apoptosis (annexin V, caspase 6, phosphorylated histone H3, etc ...), analysis concentration of cytokines by cytometric bead array (CBA BD), among others.