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MicrofabSpace Facility

The MicroFabSpace is one of the most experienced services in the IBEC’s Core Facilities, with a cleanroom (10.000 class) research space specialized in the fabrication and characterization of micro-devices and micro-structures.

Extensively equipped with instruments aimed at the development of devices required in bioengineering, the MicroFabSpace gathers a large catalog of specific techniques and protocols and has a specialized technical staff, which provides assistance in advanced research, including design, development and analysis of fabricated devices.

We offer the tools with which our users can put their innovative ideas into practice, but also the extensive experience of the Facilities and the Institute to guide and provide services to public and private clients, in their development projects, in the fields of bioengineering, BioMEMS, materials science, tissue engineering and microfluidics.

The use of the facility is open to other public institutions and private companies.

Services available:

  • Access to 10,000 class cleanroom, specialized in the Microfabrication and characterization of biomedical devices.
  • Training in Microfabrication and Characterization techniques, equipment, and processes for autonomous use (self-user mode).
  • Customized Microfabrication and Characterization Services, led by scientific staff (order mode with previous quotation).
  • Microfabrication:
    • Custom design and fabrication of microfluidic masters, and other applications, based optical lithography with SU-8 (down to 1μm lateral resolution)
    • Custom design and fabrication of microfluidic masters, and other applications, based on 3D printing (down to 100μm lateral resolution)
    • Design and fabrication of microelectrodes, and other microelectronics’ structures
    • Design and fabrication of high-resolution nanostructures, by electron beam lithography (down to 100nm lateral resolution)
    • Fabrication of microfluidic chips based on PDMS
    • Design and fabrication of Cr photomasks for photolithographic processes (down to 1μm lateral resolution)
  • Characterization:
    • Surface topographic analysis using optical interferometry and mechanical profilometry
    • Optical characterization of samples by bright and dark field optical microscopy
    • Measurements of the contact angle for the wettability properties of the surface
    • Morphological characterization by electron microscopy (SEM)




Teresa Galán
Microfabspace Facility Coordinator
+34 034 037 138
Access Procedures

Contact the facilty personnel by sending an email to