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Image Laboratory

  • Dissection and Cassetting. Dissecting tools, cutting boards, neutral buffered formalin, specimen pots and cassettes are provided
  • Cryotomy specimens processing: Isopentane, OCT, Cryomolds, dry ice and/or liquid nitrogen are available on request 
  • Decalcifying tissues on request  Paraffin Processing (paraffin and alcohol are provided) 
  • Cutting – fresh or paraffin sections
  • Staining (acetylcholinesterase, haematoxylin-eosin, trichromic, PAS, VanGieson elastic fibers, Nissl, Luxol fast blue, Orcein etc) and coverslipping
  • Immunohistochemistry – automated using the Dako Autostainer
  • Advice and support in all areas such as choice of fixation, epitope retrieval, method design / deployment and visualization is available
  • Optimisation of novel antibodies, multiple chromogenic and fluorescent labelling studies, troubleshooting and interpretation 
  • Research training, Instrumentation, operation, research methodology
  • Research support: Experimental design and planning, project development (pilots) and data handling
  • Digital imaging and image analysis
  • Project supervision and collaboration 
María Teresa Vallejo Cremades
Telephone: +34 91 727 75 26
Elena Algarra López
Susana García Pérez
Telephone: +34 912 071 512
María Teresa Vallejo Cremades
Head of Laboratory
Access Procedures

Regular fees are available at the website.