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Histopathology Facility

The Histopathology Facility provides internal and external researchers with a complete range of histological tools and services. Staffed by experienced personnel, the service offers customized pathology services to meet the needs of scientists involved in basic and clinical research.

The Histopathology Facility provides tools for:

  • Tissue processing
  • Paraffin and OCT® embedding
  • Microtomy, cryostat and vibratome sectioning
  • Counterstaining with Hematoxylin and/or Eosin (H&E)
  • Immunohistochemistry
  • Special stainings

In addition, the facility has the expertise and equipment necessary to provide complete follow-up support throughout entire projects.



  1. Cryostat Leica CM1950 (Leica) – The cryostat can be used whenever cryo-preservation and sectioning is required.
  2. Microtome Leica RM2255 (Leica) - Designed for fully motorized sectioning of both paraffin- and resin-embedded specimens, this microtome supports a broad spectrum of applications in routine and research laboratories.
  3. Autostainer Plus for IHC (Dako) - The instrument is suited for immunostaining of tissue sections, cytospins and cell smears.


Technical Officer
Begoña Domínguez
tel +34 93 40 33776

Technical Officer
Alicia Ferrer
tel +34 93 40 33776