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High Technology Unit-Microscopy Platform

The Microscopy platform is equiped with several microscopes comitted to study the morphology of subcellular structures and microorganisms as well as tissues organization and cytoarchitecture. This platforms’s equipment is intented to deal with the whole processing of samples, from fine sectioning to observation using different microscopy techniques and also to isolate selected cellular structures or subpopulations. Aditionally, it is possible to study live cells during long periods of time using brigth field and/or fluorescent illumination.



  • Conventional optical microscopy
  • Confocal microscopy
  • High-speed multidimensional microscopy
  • Laser microdisection by gravity
  • Cryostat service for sample fine sectioning

Training on self-service equipments, consultation about imaging techniques and assistance with image analysis are also available. 



  • Analysis of cell and tissue architecture, morphology and functionality using the different microscopy techniques
  • Live-cell long term imaging
  • Tissue fine sectioning for microscopy observation
  • Non-harming isolation and recovery of cellular and subcelullar structures



1- Spectral confocal microscope FV1000 (Olympus)
2- High speed, TIRFM CellR multidimensional microscope (Olympus)
3- Conventional fluorescence motorized microscope BX61 (Olympus)
4- Off-line analysis and visualization working station including several image treatment softwares.
5- Laser microdisector (Leica LMD6000)
6- Cryostat (Leica CM3050 S)


The technicians in charge of the microscopy platform are:

-Microscopy: Marta Valeri (

-Cryostat and laser microdissection: Mª Angeles Artaza (

  Contact phone: +34 489 4179

Rosa M. Prieto, Ph D
Contact person
+34 93 489 4181
Access Procedures

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