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High Technology Unit-Cytomics Platform

The Cytomics Platform integrates the latest technologies in the field of flow cytometry, applied to both fluorescence-activated cell analysis and sorting. The cytometry techniques allow to analyze and to sort easily and quickly a significant number of cells with high sensitivity and objectivity. It is also possible to obtain both qualitative and quantitative measurements and to define complex cell subpopulations based on the study of a set of parameters defined for each individual cell.



1.Cell analysis by flow cytometry
2.Fluorescence-based cell sorting

Training on self-service equipments, consultation about cytometry techniques and assistance with data analysis are also available. 



  • Cell surface immunophenotypes and intracellular antigens detection
  • Nucleic acids determination (ploidy, cell cycle study)
  • Functional parameters analysis
  • Identification and cell sorting of unique and well-defined cell populations



1.High speed FacsAria Digital Cell Sorter (BD): 4 lasers to detect up to 12 fluorochromes at once.
2.High speed MOFLO Analogic Cell Sorter (Dako): 3 lasers to detect up to 9 fluorochromes simultaneously.
3.Two FacsCalibur Cell Analyzers (BD): 2 lasers for simultaneous detection of up to 4 fluorochromes.
4.LSR Fortessa Cell analyzer (BD): 4 lasers and in parallel detection of up to 16 fluorochromes. High-throughput (96 and 384 well-plates) sample acquisition.
5.FCS Express DeNovo Software for data analysis


The technicians in charge of the cytomics platform are Irene Sales ( and Àlex Bote ( Contact phone: +34 489 4179

Rosa M. Prieto, Ph D
Contact person
+34 93 489 4181
Access Procedures

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