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Genomics Unit

The CRG Genomics Core Facility supports microarray and next generation sequencing (NGS) technologies. To keep the unit at the forefront of the rapidly changing genomics field, several researchers in the unit (pre- and postdoc) are involved in research-centred projects to find new ways of data generation and data analysis.

Several high-throughput technologies have been implemented for assessing differential gene expression, inter-individual genetic variation, micro RNA (miRNA) discovery, genome sequencing, exome sequencing, and identifying binding sites of DNA-associated proteins.


  • Technologies: Agilent
  • Applications:
    • Expression arrays
    • micro RNA arrays
    • CGH arrays
  • For all technologies, the full service includes:
    • Advice in experimental design
    • Quality control of the starting material
    • Sample labelling and array hybridisation
    • Data processing, quality control, differential expression analysis
  • Advanced data analysis is available on request

Second-generation, high-throughput sequencing:

  • Sequencing platforms: Illumina HiSeq2000, Illumina HiSeq 2500
  • Applications include:
    • Genomic sequencing (genomic libraries, mate-pair libraries)
    • Roche NimbleGen SeqCap EZ in-solution exome capture, exome sequencing on HiSeq
    • Illumina TrueSeq in-solution exome capture, exome sequencing on HiSeq
    • Amplicon sequencing
    • Transcriptome sequencing (directional Illumina TrueSeq protocol)
    • Small RNA sequencing and miRNA sequencing
    • Sequencing of DNA and RNA viruses
    • ChIP-seq (immunoprecipitation to be performed by user)
    • Library indexing and running multiple indexed samples per lane to reduce sequencing costs
  • For all technologies, the full service includes:
    • Advice in experimental design
    • Quality control of the starting material
    • Sequencing library preparation, library quality control, library quantification
    • Performing the sequencing run
    • Basecalling data, sequence data quality control, making data available (sequence data files incl. base qualities, quality report)
    • The unit also accepts externally prepared libraries for sequencing on the Illumina platform
  • Cooperations in implementing new applications are welcome

Other services offered:

  • Covaris (controlled DNA shearing prior to sequencing library preparation)
  • Bioanalyser (DNA and RNA quality control)
  • Access to real-time PCR instrumentation
Jochen Hecht
Head of the Genomics Unit
+34 933160243
Access Procedures

Users should get in touch with Heinz Himmelbauer (facility leader) or with Anna Ferrer (lab manager), preferentially by email. After an initial assessment of the feasibility of the proposed work, the facility leader will provide an estimate of the costs and how long the service will take. Before sending samples, the user will need to approve an official quotation.