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Genomics and Transcriptomics COS Facility

Our service integrates different technologies:

  • SEQUENCING: Capillary electrophoresis 3500 Genetic Analyzer for Sanger sequencing and Ion Torrent PGM for next-generation sequencing applications.
  • MICROARRAYS: Agilent microarrays for RNA and miRNA measurements.
  • qPCR: ABI 7900HT real-time PCR instrument.

Our Genomics & Transcriptomics facilities offer service from single gen to genome-wide analysis for standard and next generation sequencing, genotyping, quantitative PCR, and full Agilent microarrays processing. Some applications include:

DNA Sequencing & Fragment Analysis (Sanger DNA Sequencing)
Next-Generation Sequencing (Ion Torrent PGM)
Microarray Analysis
Automated real-time PCR analysis
DNA/RNA Quality control

Nuria Canela, PhD
COS Technical Coordinator
+34 977300431
Access Procedures

Please contact with our project manager by mail or phone: +34 977 300 431

Assurance of quality

COS works under ISO 9001