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  • DNA sequencing and fragment analysis by automated capillary electrophoresis.
  • Massive parallel sequencing (MPS).
  • Real-time PCR (compatible with TDLA 384-well microfluidic cards).
  • Magnetic extraction of nucleic acids.
  • RNA quality and quantity control.

Range of services

  • DNA sequencing and fragment analysis by capillary electrophoresis:
  • De novo sequencing
  • BAC-end sequencing and fingerprinting
  • Mitochondrial DNA sequencing
  • Resequencing
  • Heterozygote detection
  • Epigenetic studies
  • Genotyping: SNPs, AFLP, RFLP, LOH, microsatellites (STRs, VNTRs)
  • Massive parallel sequencing (MPS):
  • Whole genome and transcriptome sequencing
  • Resequencing of specific regions
  • Differential gene expression
  • Genetic variation between individuals
  • MicroRNAs
  • Epigenetic profiling
  • Identification of points of union of DNA- and RNA-related proteins
  • Real-time PCR:
  • Gene expression and validation of microarray results
  • Genotyping and genetic variation (SNPs, ins/del, etc.)
  • Methylation
  • Viral load testing
  • microRNA, siRNA
  • Pathogen detection in food and environmental samples
  • Presence and absence of transgenes
  • Screening by high resolution melting (HRM)

Examples of application

  • Sequencing of unknown species
  • Human identification: population studies
  • Epigenetic studies
  • Pathogen detection in food
  • Gene expression variations in response to pharmaceuticals
  • Magnetic DNA extraction from blood, cell and tissue samples
  • Detection of cancer cells in the blood
  • Paternity tests



  • Bellvitge Campus
  • Applied Biosystems ABI Prism 7700 quantitative real-time PCR (96 wells)
  • Applied Biosystems ABI Prism 7900 HT quantitative real-time PCR (TLDA, 384 and 96 wells)
  • Chemagen Magnetic nucleic acid isolation module
  • Agilent Technologies Bioanalyzer 2100
  • BMG Labtech Fluostar Optima Microplate reader with double injection system and temperature control
  • Diagonal Campus
  • Applied Biosystems ABI Prism 3730 capillary electrophoresis DNA sequencer (48 capillary)
  • Applied Biosystems ABI Prism 3730XL capillary electrophoresis DNA sequencer (96 capillary)
  • Applied Biosystems ABI Prism 7900 HT quantitative real-time PCR (TLDA, 384 and 96 wells block)
  • Roche Light Cycler 480 II quantitative real-time PCR (384 and 96 wells block)
  • Agilent Technologies Bioanalyzer 2100
  • Applied Biosystems thermocyclers: PCR ABI 9700, PCR ABI 9800 Fast, PCR ABI 2400 and 2720; MGW Biotech PCR Primus thermocycler; Techne PCR TC-412 thermocycler
  • Beckman Coulter Biomeck NXP robotic workstation
  • Beckman Coulter Z series particle counter
  • Qiagen Mixer Mill MM 300 for grinding and homogenizing samples
Dr. Jaume Comas Riu (Diagonal Campus)
Contact person
934 034 654
Access Procedures

Any person applying for the first time for any services by CCiTUB must enter as a new user. For this purpose it is necessary to fill in an application form which can be downloaded from The form must be sent to

Assurance of quality

ISO 9001:2008. The CCiTUB have well-established a system of management of the quality based on the ISO norm 9001, which also satisfies the Good Manufacturing Practice requirements (GMP).


Recognition by the Food and Drug Administration as a contract laboratory to perform drug tests.

Acknowledged laboratory Register of Agroalimentary Laboratories of Catalonia.