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Functional Genomics Unit

The Genomic Unit of IDIBAPS provides to research groups access to a set of genome wide protocols. We manage samples for genomic projects starting from quantitative and qualitative analysis of nucleic acids up to genome wide gene expression, genotyping and gene dose analysis using different platforms including real-time PCR and microarrays. Recently we have incorporated a next generation sequencer in our facility.

Services and technologies:

  • Quantification of nucleic acids (Nanodrop 1000, Qubit)
  • Qualitative analysis of nucleic acids (Bioanalyzer 2100)
  • Expression analysis by Real-time PCR (Viia7-Applied Biosystems, BioMark –Fluidigm)
  • Genotyping analysis by Real-time PCR (Viia7-Applied Biosystems, BioMark –Fluidigm)
  • Digital PCR (BioMark –Fluidigm)
  • Genome Wide Expression analysis (Affymetrix microarrays)
  • Genome Wide Genotyping analysis (Affymetrix microarrays)
  • High thought put expression analysis (GeneTitan Affymetrix)
  • High thought put genotyping analysis (GeneTitan Affymetrix)
  • CGH-Arrays (Agilent)
  • Scanner Axon 4000B
  • Pyrosequensing
  • Next generation sequencing (GAIIx, MiSeq-Illumina)



  • NanoDrop 1000
  • Sinergy2
  • QUBIT (Invitrogen)
  • Bioanalyzer 2100 (Agilent)
  • Viia7 (Applied Biosystems)
  • BioMark (Fluidigim)
  • GeneChip Affymetrix genetic analysis system 
  • GeneTitan Affymetrix genetic analysis system
  • Agilent platform
  • Axon 4000B scanner
  • PyroMark Q96 ID
  • GenomeAnalyzer IIx (Illumina)
  • MiSeq (Illumina)

Pedro Jares, PhD.

Scientific Coordinator

Elías Campo, MD, PhD.

Scientific director

Magda Pinyol, PhD

Unit manager

Montse Sánchez

Laboratory technician

Laura Plà

Laboratory technician

Helena Suárez, PhD

Specialist technician

Anna Enjuanes, PhD.

Specialist technician

Magda Pinyol
Unit manager
+34 93 2275707 ext 2184
Access Procedures

The users are requested to contact the the unit at in order to indicate the service or sample of interest.

Regular fees are available at the website For those cases that a personalized quotation is requested the user will be required to accept it prior to start the service.