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Flow Cytometry Unit


Our Flow Cytometry facility provides users with the state-of-the-art equipment for flow Cytometry analysis and high speed cell sorting. Unit personnel support users for experimental design, data analysis and acquisition.

Following manufacturer instructions, a proper maintenance and standard quality control procedures are routinely applied to ensure best quality results.

The Unit is equipped with 2 flow cytometers:

  • Beckman Coulter High Speed Cell Sorter Moflo-XDP (488nm, 635nm lasers & up to 7 colors [5+2])
  • Beckman Coulter Gallios Analyzer (405nm, 488nm, 635nm laser & up to 10 colors [2+5+3])


Services are:

  • Sample acquisition at the analyzer, either with technical support, or without, after receiving a proper training.
  • Cell Sorting with technical support.
  • Data analysis support if required.



The aim of the Cytometry Unit is to get ready and focus on the applications of interest of our users.

Most common applications that routinely run are:


Cell Sorting:

  • In purify mode (when the most important is to get a high purity of the cell population of interest from the original sample). Up to 4 cell populations at the same time (4way sorting).
  • In enrich mode (when the most important is to get a high recovery of the cell population of interest from the original sample). So that, purity are slightly compromised. Available in 4 way sorting too.
  • In single cell deposition (to get just one single cell or any desired number of cells within a single well using any of the standard multiwelll plates).
  • In mixed mode (purify and enrich mode run simultaneously even for 2 cell populations at a time).


For Analysis:

  • Multicolor Immunophenotyping Characterization.
  • Viability Assays.
  • Cell Cycle and Proliferation Assays.
  • Gene Expression (Fluorescent Protein analysis).
  • Etc…

Jose Miguel Andres Vaquero

Cristina Morera Albert

Jose Miguel Andres Vaquero
Head of the Cytometry Unit
Access Procedures

The CMRB Cytometry Unit is located in the 7th floor at the PRBB Building.

If you would like to enquire about a service offered by the CMRB Flow Cytometry Unit, please contact us at
Only registered users are able to request services through our Core Facility website. If you would like to request a service, please sign up as a user and submit an online request.

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