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DNA Capillary Sequencing Facility

The DNA Capillary Sequencing Facility has provided support to researchers from public and private centers for more than twenty five years and has taken part in many national and international plant genome sequencing projects. We have acquired a remarkable experience on small and large scale DNA sequencing, which allows us to give full technical support and assessment to researchers. We use the platform ABI3730 DNA Analyzer for capillary electrophoresis and fluorescent dye terminator detection. We provide personalized service according to the user's needs.


DNA sequencing and fragments analysis by automated capillary electrophoresis



  • De novo sequencing
  • BAC-end sequencing
  • Resequencing
  • Heterozygote
  • Genotyping: microsatellites, SNaPshot, SNPs, SNPlex, AFLP
  • MicroRNA
  • Sequencing of difficult templates
  • Sequencing clean-up
  • Quantification of nucleic acids



  • 3730 ABI capillary electrophoresis DNA (48 capillary)
  • Nanodrop 1000
Mercè Miquel Jaureguibeitia
Service Manager
+34 935636600 Ext.3213
Access Procedures

To request capillary sequencing services for the first time, you must register as a new customer. Please contact the service manager: