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CRG/UPF Flow Cytometry Unit

The CRG/UPF FACS Unit hosts six analysers and two sorters. The sorters are operated by the facility personnel as well as by some advanced users. The analysers are operated by the users themselves after they have been trained. The facility personnel help with experimental design and data analysis, as well as supervising and monitoring the experiments when necessary.

High quality control standards, as well as standard QC procedures suggested by the manufacturer, are applied to the instrumentation to avoid unwanted technical errors and achieve maximum instrument performance.

User feedback through an annual satisfaction survey and an advisory committee Ad Hoc discussion is widely appreciated for quality control of the services provided.


  • 6 analysers available for self-service operation after proper training, and with help and supervision from the facility personnel:
    • BD FACScan: 488 laser
    • BD FACScalibur: 488 and 633 laser
    • BD FACScanto: 488 and 633 laser
    • BD LSRII: 355, 405, 488 and 633 laser
    • BD LSRFortessa: 407, 488, 561 and 640 laser
    • SONY SP6800 Spectral analyser: 408, 488 and 638 laser
  • 2 Cell Sorters with which the facility personnel performs sorting experiments for the users:
    • BD FACSAria II SORP: 355, 407, 488, 561 and 640 laser
      • ACDU: Multiwell plate deposition system.
      • Temperature control system for sample and collection tubes.
    • BD Influx: 355, 457, 488, 561 and 640 laser
      • ACDU: Multiwell plate deposition system.
      • Temperature control system for sample and collection tubes.


  • Unassisted bench-top analysis: Available through online instrument reservation.
  • Assisted bench-top analysis: Available by appointment.
  • Comprehensive training on bench-top analysers.
  • Cell sorting: Staff assisted procedure.
  • Comprehensive training on FACSAria sorter for advanced users.
  • Support in project/assay development for performing proper Flow Cytometry procedures.


  • Immunophenotyping (up to 10-12 colours). Study of cell surface and intracellular antigens.
  • Analysis of DNA content, cell cycle and proliferation.
  • Analysis of side population.
  • Small particle detection (micro and nanoparticles, microvesicles).
  • Flow-FISH.
  • Flow karyotyping (chromosome sorting).
  • Gene reporter assays (fluorescent proteins).
  • Multiplexed assays.
  • FRET assays.
  • Determination of enzyme activity.
  • Determination of cell integrity and membrane permeability.
  • Detection of calcium flows.
Òscar Fornas
Head of the Flow Cytometry Unit
+34 933160850
Access Procedures

To access the facility contact us directly by email or telephone (see above). Once contacted, you will receive a user application form by email. Please fill this in and return it, either by email or by hand.