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Combinatorial Chemistry Unit (UQC-PCB)

The Combinatorial Chemistry Unit (UQC) is a Technology Platform of the Barcelona Science Park, created in 2002 with the aim to offer research and development (R+D) services in the chemical pharmaceutical, biomedical, biotechnological and veterinary sectors, as well as to university R+D centers and groups pertaining to public entities. The UQC, as a biotech platform, also conducts its own research applying diverse chemistry techniques (i. e.: combinatorial chemistry, bioconjugation)    to several therapeutic problems. The unit consists of 16 scientists (6 PhDs, 10 graduates and 1 technician) who are working full-time in R+D projects and it is equipped with a powerful and modern set of tools, enabling it to provide a comprehensive scientific-technological service of excellence. The UQC-PCB is a member of TECNIO network.

Technological offer

  • Medicinal chemistry
  • Heterocyclic and condensation chemistry
  • Synthesis of peptides, dendrimers, natural products, chemical biology tools
  • Bioconjugation chemistry
  • Design and synthesis of small to medium-sized chemical libraries (50-400 compounds), both solid-phase and in solution, and microwave assisted synthesis, using parallel automatic and semi-automatic synthesis
  • Development of analytical methods (HPLC, HPLC-MS, HR-TLC)
  • Development and optimization of reactions
  • Isolation of natural products, biodirected fractionation

We can develop collaborative projects with companies with full dedicated people specially contracted for them.

Our productivity and efficacy is internally measured to give the best service.

Analytical and purification section is continuously improved by the application of systematic and standard procedures. Capacity and quality of the purification processes have been increased.

People involved in UQC research projects do not participate in collaborative projects with companies.


The research team is composed by  17 researchers (6 PhDs , 10 graduates and 1 technician) from several different origins and training.


Miriam Royo
UQC-PCB Director
+34 934 037 195
Access Procedures

Using a BSP identification card (available at the Reception desks of the BSP).

Assurance of quality

TECNIO quality system ( adapted version of the ISO9001)

Capacity External Users