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Clinical Enzymology Reference Laboratory

The Clinical Enzymology Reference Laboratory of the Biochemistry and Molecular Biology Department of the Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona offers its services of enzymes reference measurements to in vitro diagnostic industry, international organizations for standardization, organizers of external quality assessment programs, clinical laboratories and those organizations that require it.

The LREC as a complement of their activities as reference laboratory offers training courses to companies, institutions and other organizations interested.

Our team can advise on the following:

  • Scientific and technical support in validation of measurement procedures.
  • Recommendations for improving processes and procedures.
  • Recommendations in carrying out metrological requirements.
  • Information in enzymatic analysis with the level of technical quality that mark the international benchmarks

We validate procedures for the following processes:

  • Validate commercial methods and analytical systems for the measurement of catalytic concentration in patient samples in routine.
  • Develop, validate and verify the transferability of new primary reference measurement procedures (in collaboration with the C-RSE IFCC).

We can characterize materials in the following cases:

  • Characterize new enzyme reference materials performing homogeneity, stability and commutability studies (in collaboration with the IRMM).
  • Assign and certifies catalytic concentration values to already developed reference materials by means of certification campaigns among laboratories (in collaboration with the IRMM).
  • Assign traceable values of catalytic concentration to internal calibrator materials, thus facilitating manufacturers to meet the requirements of the European Directive 98/79/EC on in vitro diagnostic medical devices.
  • Assign traceable values of catalytic concentration to control materials of national or commercial external evaluation quality programs (EQAS) and internal quality control, replacing the concept of "value-dependent method" to the "reference method value" and facilitating the accomplishment to the international standard ISO/IEC 17043.

Our service also performs:

  • Establish collaborations with companies of the diagnostic in vitro and with public o private institutions or scientific groups from Spain and other countries interested in the LREC activities.
  • Validate measurement procedures and commercial analytical systems.
  • Evaluate the commutability of commercial calibrator and control materials.

Francesca Canalias - Laboratory Director

Raquel Peña - Technical Staff

Montserrat Roura - Technical Staff

Francesca Canalias
Laboratory Director
+34 935811575
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Laboratori de Referència d’Enzimologia Clínica (LREC)
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