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Cell Culture Platform

The Cell Culture Platform of the Biodonostia Health Research Institute was created to cover the needs of the many internal researchers and associated centres and support their worki in cell culture.

The platform offers technical assistance and services in the field of cell culture, fluorescence microscopy, flow cytometry and analysis of cellular metabolism (Seahorse). The Platform also offers a cryopreservation service.

The Cell Culture Platform is responsible for the correct operation and preventive maintenance of culture equipment (cabinets, incubators, etc.), for control of the general cleaning of the rooms, maintenance of the appropriate documentation and preparation of cleaning and maintenance protocols, paying particular attention to waste management, biosafety, microbiological and mycoplasma control.

Our Unit forms part of the Spanish Network for Advanced Optical Microscopy (REMOA).

Ana Aiastui Pujana
Head of Cell Culture Platform
+34 943006127
Access Procedures

Kindly contact the head of the Genomics Platforms at: for more information and detailed budget.