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Cell Culture Laboratory

The Cell Culture Division offers integral support to experimental approaches developed by IdiPAZ and non-IdiPAZ scientists on an extensive range of matters. These include on a personalized and flexible basis experimentation, logistics, training, consulting, amongst others. The specific support provided by this Unit includes:

  • Technical and basic instruction (hands-on training) in cell and tissue culture experimentation, according to laboratory biosafety guidelines
  • Access to instrumentation and reagents. Assistance and support for the optimal use of facilities and equipment 
  • General maintenance of the laboratory including cleaning, waste disposal, sterilization and disinfecting procedures and provision of supplies (disposable labware, sterile consumables and solutions, etc.)
  • Performance of experimental procedures: isolation of cells for culture, cell resuscitation, subculturing and maintenance. Propagation, cryopreservation and banking of cell lines and primary cell cultures, cell density and viability determination, amongst others 
  • Detection, identification and treatment of contaminations in cell cultures
  • Development of protocols, guidelines, operating procedures, reports and management of the required mandatory documentation
  • Scientific and technical management, consultation and support in planning, development and implementation of cell culture related-techniques, experimental design and protocol preparation

Moreover, this platform collaborates with individual researchers as an effective way to improve and expand its portfolio of technology and services. Furthermore, and as part of its commitment to warrant users the optimal development of their research projects, contact with other centralised equipment and affiliated facilities is also offered. 

Gema Vallés Pérez
Lab Responsible
+34 91 2071576
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