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The biobank is a platform which works to obtain, store, manage and distribute large collections of human biological samples of phenotypes and diseases of marked interest for researchers. This makes work possible for many researchers, who may additionally request technical advice on human sample collection projects.

IDIBAPS pooled their samples into a single, complete catalogue through the biobank. These are available for any project which is scientifically and ethically approved by the External Committees, granting a fair access policy. Sample standardization and centralization led to a qualitative leap forward in biomedical research through the automatization and continuous monitorization of the processes involved.

Services and technologies:


  • Nerve tissue from cadaveric donors affected by neurologic diseases
  • Frozen and paraffin-embedded tissues representing the most common neoplasias
  • DNA, serum, plasma and PBMCs from different diseases as well as from control donors


  • Creation and management of new collections
  • Methodology (technical guidance)
  • Experimental design with human and animal tissue samples
  • Design and interpretation of immunohistochemical studies
  • Quality management programmes
  • Harmonization of quality procedures for the handling of DNA samples
  • Technical assessment for the manipulation of the Biobank equipment (laser microdissector, multiobserver microscope with software for morphometric analysis and a histological slide scanner with analysis software)


  • Collection management of multicentre studies
  • Storage of pre-existing collections


  • Processing of frozen and paraffin embedded tissues (macroscopy, cryopreservation, paraffin blocks, histological sections)
  • Lasser microdissection
  • Tissue microarrays construction (TMA)
  • Histological staining
  • Definitive neuropathological diagnosis of neurological diseases
  • Slide scan and morphometric analysis


  • Purification and cryopreservation of mononuclear cells
  • Immortalization of B lymphocytes
  • Erythrocyte isolation from whole blood
  • Cell counting


  • DNA extraction from peripheral blood
  • DNA/RNA/protein extraction from tissue (frozen and paraffin embedded)
  • WGA
  • Serum and plasma isolation
  •  Immunohistochemistry

Joan Albert Barberà, MD, PhD
Scientific Director

Anna Bosch Comas, PhD

Biobank Manager

Meritxell Rufet 

Managing Assistant

  • Ángela Martín 
    Informed Consent Manager
  • Esther Barnadas 
    Lab Manager

Neurological Tissue Bank

  • Ellen Gelpí, MD, PhD

Head of the Neurological Tissue Bank

  • Maria Jesús Rey, MD, PhD
    Neuropathologist. Senior technician
  • Carina Antiga 
  • Sara Charif 
    Laboratory technician
  • Verónica Santiago

Laboratory technician

  • Abel Muñoz 

Autopsy Assistant

  • Leire Etxarri 
    Autopsy Assistant

Tumour bank

  • Miriam Cuatrecasas, MD, PhD 

Head of the Tumour bank

  • Laura Gelabert 
    Laboratory technician
  • Mónica Marín   
    Laboratory technician
  • Raquel Bermudo Gascón, PhD

Bank Manager

  • Blanca Noemí Luján, MD, PhD
    Pathologist and web manager for the Xarxa de Bancs de Tumors de Catalunya

Blood and Fluid Bank

  • Verónica Fernandez Pascual, PhD

Head of the Blood and Fluid Bank

  • Anna Morales 
    Laboratory technician
  • Regina Cañaveras 
    Laboratory technician
Anna Bosch Comas
Biobank Manager
+34 93 2275707 ext 4303
Access Procedures

The users are requested to contact the Biobank manager ( in order to indicate the service or sample of interest.

Regular fees are available at the website For those cases that a personalized quotation is requested the user will be required to accept it prior to start the service.

Assurance of quality

All the procedures performed at the Biobank are carried out under ISO9001 certification.