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Animal facilities

IDIBELL Animal Facility covers an area of 700 m². It has only house mice, grouped together in two different types: genetically modified and immunodepressed. In both cases the animals are housed in cages with filters (in cupboards or on ventilated racks) that correspond with the conditions for care relating to their characteristics with the aim of avoiding any possible contamination that could affect them.


General techniques

  • Anesthesia, analgesia, euthanasia
  • Administration of fluids and drugs, extraction of blood or other fluids
  • Administration of Hormones, mating, control of vaginal caps, weaning and sexing
  • Assistance in surgical procedures
  • Postoperative Cures
  • Rederivation by Caesarean section

 Techniques related to experimental oncology

  •  Inoculation of tumour lines or xenographs in mice
  • Exeresis and measurement of tumours
  • Primary cultures 

Teaching and training of personnel

  •  Manipulation of mice kept under SPF conditions
  • Control of colonies of genetically modified organisms
  • Experimental Oncology 

Advice on issues related to laboratory animals

  • Compliance with Autonomic and State Regulations
  • AAALAC accreditation
  •  Notifications to hold genetically modified organisms


Joana Visa
Access Procedures
Assurance of quality

IDIBELL Animal Facility fulfills the government regulations on the use of experimentation on animals.

IDIBELL also has an Animal Experimentation Ethics Committee that oversees and evaluates all the experiments that involve animal use.

Thanks to its security and quality policy, IDIBELL Animal Facility obtained the full accreditation by the AAALAC International (Association for Assessment and Accreditation of Laboratory Animal Care International), a reference agency in the accreditation of animal research centres.

IDIBELL's Animal Facility is the only in Spain with this international accreditation.