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Advanced optical microscopy



  • Wide-field fluorescence and transmitted optical microscopy
  • Confocal laser microscopy
  • Two-photon excitation microscopy (multiphoton)
  • Processing and analysis of images
  • Cell cultures and micromanipulation

Range of services

  • Fluorescence and transmitted light multichannel and multidimensional (xyztc) images
  • Multi-position and mosaic images
  • Live cell microscopy, short courses
  • Analysis of molecular proximity: fluorescence resonance energy transfer (FRET)
  • Analysis of molecular dynamics: fluorescence recovery after photobleaching (FRAP), Inverse FRAP, fluorescence loss in photobleaching (FLIP) and photolabelling
  • Intravital microscopy on live animals (high speed multiphotons)
  • Infrared optical microscopy: multiphoton and second-harmonic generation
  • Maintenance of cell lines for microscopy experiments
  • Cell micromanipulation: microinjection
  • Cellular and molecular labelling (transfection, staining)
  • Image analysis:
    • Image processing (filtered, 3D reconstruction, video montages) and analysis (co-localization,
    • molecular dynamics, particle and surface analysis)
    • Development of instruction macros
  • Assistance in the design, preparation, performance and analysis of optical microscopy experiments
  • Theoretical and practical courses

Examples of application

  • Confocal profilometry
  • Molecular imaging for the study of cellular and molecular processes in vivo
  • Functionality of biosensors and drug delivery systems in cell cultures
  • Cytotoxicity and cell viability trials
  • Cell migration trials in 2D and 3D cultures
  • Quantification of bone-implant contact (BIC) in teeth
  • Morphometric analysis
  • Subcellular and kinetic localization of fluorescent pharmaceuticals
  • Neurite growth analysis


  • Culture room
  • Fiji Image J, MetaMorph, Imaris and Huygens image treatment workstations

Diagonal Campus

  • Carl Zeiss LSM 880 spectral confocal microscope
  • Leica SPII confocal microscope with spectral detection
  • Leica TCS-SPE spectral confocal microscope
  • Leica DMIRB wide-field transmitted light and fluorescence microscope
  • Olympus Fluoview confocal microscope
  • Leica MLZIII stereo fluorescence microscope

Casanova Campus

  • Carl Zeiss LSM 880 spectral confocal microscope
  • Leica TCS-SL confocal microscope with spectral detection
  • Leica TCS-SP5 high speed, multiphoton, spectral confocal microscope.
  • Leica TCS-NT confocal microscope
  • Leica DMI6000 B wide-field fluorescence microscope
  • Leica ASTP microinjector

Bellvitge Campus

  • Carl Zeiss LSM 880 spectral confocal microscope
  • Leica TCS-SL confocal microscope with spectral detection
  • Carl Zeiss SteREO Lumar V12 stereo fluorescence microscope
  • Nikon E800 Microscope
  • Leica DMIRB Microscope
Dr Maria Calvo Adamuz
Contact person
934 037 159 / 934 039 930
Access Procedures

Any person applying for the first time for any services by CCiTUB must enter as a new user. For this purpose it is necessary to fill in an application form which can be downloaded from The form must be sent to

Assurance of quality

ISO 9001:2008. The CCiTUB have well-established a system of management of the quality based on the ISO norm 9001, which also satisfies the Good Manufacturing Practice requirements (GMP).


Recognition by the Food and Drug Administration as a contract laboratory to perform drug tests.

Acknowledged laboratory Register of Agroalimentary Laboratories of Catalonia.