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Neuroimaging Facility

The Neuroimaging Facility provides assistance in the design, acquisition and analysis stages of all kind of neuroimage-based projects. Our collaborations have resulted in top-tier publications in the fields of psychiatry, psychology, neurology and neonatology. We have developed new methods to assess brain damage and structural and functional abnormalities, which have resulted in promising biomarkers in diverse pathologies such as Schizophrenia and neonatal ischemic stroke. We have access to two 1.5 Tesla and one 3 Tesla Magnetic Ressonance Units, one of them specialized in pediatric imaging.

Our services include:

1. Design of custom protocols:

  • Neuroimaging acquisition batteries and project-specific cognitive tasks.

  • Conducting pilot studies to optimize protocols.

  • Conducting multi-center compatibility studies.

2.Support in data acquisition:

  • Implementation of novel experimental protocols.

  • Supervision of structural as well as functional (task-based) neuroimaging sessions.

3. Analysis, interpretation and storage of neuroimaging data:

  • Active participation in the analysis and interpretation of data at individual and group levels.

  • Active participation in the discussion and writing of scientific manuscripts.

  • Neuroimaging database management.

Service Fees

Christian Stephan-Otto
+34 93 640 63 50 ext. 12544
Access Procedures

The users are requested to contact the Neuroimaging Facility coordinator ( in order to indicate the service or sample of interest.