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Light Microscopy Core Facility

The main aim of CABIMER Light Microscopy Core Facility is to give support in a wide range of imaging systems, either for live cell imaging or fixed samples. We also give service for image processing, data interpretation and analysis. Our facility assists to both internal and external researchers.

Services and Technologies:

  • Transmitted illumination and fluorescence widefield microscopy. Bright field, phase contrast, differential interference contrast (DIC), dark field and fluorescence multiple wavelength imaging of fixed samples. The facility offers three units for widefield multiwavelength upright epifluorescence (AF6000), a fluorescence stereoscope (Leica MZ16 F),  a mosaic/large image upright microscope for whole mount/tissue section imaging (Nikon TE200), and a structured illumination upright microscope (Zeiss AxioImager.2/ApoTome)
  • Time lapse fluorescence microscopy. Bright field, phase contrast, differential interference contrast (DIC), and multiwavelength live imaging in an inverted microscope (Leica DMI6000) suitable for multiwell plates and multipositions, temperature incubation and CO2 control for living cells.

  • Spectral confocal microscopy. 3D, 4D and 5D imaging with optical sectioning, spectral detection and resolution, multiple position and incubated environment control for living cells. The facility has two units, both are inverted confocal Leica TCS SP5 microscopes.

  • Imaging workstations: Image processing and analysis on 32- and 64-bit workstations equipped with Metamorph (Molecular Devices), Leica LAS AF, Nikon NIS elements, Zeiss Zen 2 and custom Fiji/ImageJ. 




Fernando Monje-Casas, PhD

Scientific Coordinator

Paloma Dominguez Gimenez, PhD

Specialist Technician

Ana Cristina Rivas Rivas

Specialist Technician