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Histology Core Facility

Histology, as a branch of the morphological sciencies, is a very relevant discipline that allows to understand the shape and structure of tissues, and the characterization of abnormalities at the cellular level.

The samples collected for analysis are treated with the highest quality standards and with the latest technology, providing a full range of histology services to our research community.

The Histology laboratory offers advice, protocols and equipment allowing fixation techniques, sectioning of tissues and classical staining for easy viewing of samples.

The facility offers methods for the histological analysis of human and animal biological samples.

Services and Technologies:

- Processing and paraffin embedding

- Microtome sectioning for paraffin blocks

- Cryostat sectioning for frozen tissues

- Vibratome sectioning for floating samples

- Cytospin for the processing of biological fluids and cell cultures

- H/E staining and special staining (Nissl, Masson´s Trichrome, PAS, Toluidine blue)


- Automatic processor of tissue Leica TP 1020

- Paraffin dispenser Leica EG 1150H

- Microtome Leica RM 2255

- Microtome Leica RM 2155

- Cryostat Leica CM 3050S

- Vibratome Leica VT 1000S

- Vibratome Leica VT 1000H

- Cytospin Thermo scientific Shandon 4



Manuel Álvarez Dolado PhD.

Scientific Coordinator

Cindy Cruz Zambrano

Specialist Technician

Cindy Cruz Zambrano
Specialist Technician
+34 954467476