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Genomics Core Facility

Next-generation sequencing (NGS) is becoming the reference of medical genomics. Our two next-generation sequencers, MiSeq (Illumina) and GS Junior (454 Roche), fulfil small-scale NGS project needs. We also offer Sanger sequencing and small/medium-throughput real-time PCR services, which continue to be highly required by users, and other minor DNA and RNA procedures. 

Small genome de novo sequencing
Targeted or exome resequencing
ChIP-seq and small RNA-seq
Structural variation analysis
Targeted transcriptomics and metagenomics.
Ancient DNA sequencing
Genotyping, Gene expression, microRNA and Digital PCR analysis (real-time PCR)
Sanger sequencing and Fragment analysis
DNA, cDNA and RNA quantification and quality assessment
Robotic procedures for DNA normalization and PCR or sequence clean-up

Next-Generation Sequencers:

  • Illumina MiSeq
  • 454/Roche GS Junior

Real-time PCR:

  • LifeTechnologies Taqman Open Array
  • 2 x ABI 7900HT (for user self-service)
  • 2 x LightCycler 480 (for user self-service)

Capillary sequencers:

  • ABI 3730 XL
  • ABI 3130 XL


  • Agilent Bioanalyzer
  • QuantiFluor ST Fluorometer (Picogreen)
  • Beckman Paradigm Detection Platform (Picogreen)
  • Robotics (Beckman Biomek FX, Biomek NX  and REMe)
Roger Anglada
Coordinator of UPF Genomics Core Facility
+34 933160846
Access Procedures

PRBB building, 4th floor, lab 406 & office 421