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Functional Genomic Core Facility

The main aim of CABIMER Genomics Core Facility is to provide resources and services for internal and external researchers to support their research related to Functional Genomics.

Services and Technologies:

Microarrays (Affymetrix and Agilent)

  • Expression Profile Analysis: mRNA, miRNA, whole-transcriptome  (Gene/Exon Level and Alternative Splicing)
  • Gene regulation Analysis. Mapping sites of protein/DNA interactions (Chip-on-Chip) on whole-genome or in Promoters regions, discovering novel RNA.
  • Molecular Cytogenetics to identifying chromosomal aberrations (CNV y SNP)

Next generation Sequencing (NGS, PGM Ion-Torrent)

  • Transcriptome sequencing: RNA-Seq, Small RNA.
  • Genome-wide location analysis of nucleic acid-protein interactions: Chip-Seq, MNase-Seq, DRIP-Seq.
  • Amplicon Sequencing (Custom or Pre-designed Panels)
  • Re-sequencing (Whole-Genome) and de novo sequencing of gDNA
  • 16S Metagenomics Sequencing
  • Others

RNA/DNA Quality and Quantitative Control (Bioanalyzer 2100, Qubit, Nanodrop 1000)

Data analysis of Microarrays and NGS Projects.

Robotics to automated and fluidic manipulation of samples (Microlab Star de Hamilton, RoToR HDA de Singer): Screening mutants, esiRNA libraries, ELISA/Inmuno Assays, Reformat/Prepare pCR plate, Isolation RNA/DNA Samples (Macherey-Nagel kits).

The Facility also offers Access to instruments and complete support:

  • High Content Screening by ImageXpress System (Multi -Wavelength cell scoring, Micronuclei, Translocation, Granularity and Neurite outgrowth)
  • Real-Time PCR ViiA7 (Fast-96 and 386 Block, HRM)
  • Design of experiments and interpretation of the results.

Andrés Aguilera, PhD

Scientific Coordinator

Eloisa Andújar, PhD

Specialist technician

Mónica Pérez, PhD

Specialist technician

Eloisa Andújar, PhD
Specialist technician
+34 954 46 78 28
Access Procedures

To access the facility contact us directly by email (, or telephone (+34 954467828).