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This technology offers an easy solution for high performance cell sorting

Cell sorting is fast becoming an essential step on the path to deeper understanding and new discoveries in the life sciences. This technology is expanding to a wide range of applications such as immunology, stem cell research, genomics, bioprocessing and cancer biology. A readily available on-site sorter that provides consistent, reliable results could benefit researchers in many fields of investigation. Researchers need a solution that is easy to learn, use and maintain.Which could be the best solution for these goals?

BD Biosciencesrecently launched BDFACSMelodyTM cell sorter, developed from proven BD FACSTM technology. This solution has an intuitive user interface, as BD FACSChorusTM software guides researchers at all skill levels throughout the entire cell sorting process using advanced automation technology. Designed to eliminate manual steps, this smart automation simplifies the workflow, making cell sorting easy to learn. That’s why BD FACSMelody sorter is easy to use.


Credit: BD Biosciences

This smart automation is not its only feature, because BD FACSMelodyTM cell sorter offers to increase lab efficiency and productivity. A streamlined workflow eliminates manual setup of the stream and monitoring of the sort, which minimizes hands-on time and provides walk-away sorting capability. Also, this technology eliminates the need to purchase daily consumables, being a perfect solution for in-house cell sorting, which can save money compared to outsourcing.

BD FACSMelodyTM cell sorter features excellent sensitivity for accurate resolution of low density cell markers andhigh throughput for collecting rare cells. The system is designed to deliver reproducible results, enabling sorting into tubes or a range of standard plates. Thus, this technology offers high performance as it’s designed to empower scientific discovery.

In case researchers need to use biological safety cabinets in the laboratory, BD Biosciences provides a custom Class II cabinet, verified to meet personnel and product protection standards. It includes a built-in aerosol management system that operates independently of the cabinet, in order to meet the latest ISAC guidelines for biosafety and cell sorting.

Cell sorters such as BD FACSMelodyTM or BD FACSseqTMare based on powerful cell isolation technology. These instruments are able to simplify genomics researchers work, as they exploit the power of flow cytometry together with BD Precise AssaysTM reagents. This kind of technology has many applications intro new scientific fields, because it helps to isolate single cells for genomic analysis in a successful and rapid way, a critical step in many research projects as it’s becoming an essential prerequisite for obtaining meaningful results.