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mass spectrometry

A platform for the study of biomolecular interaction

La Cartuja Island, nestled between two arms of the Guadalquivir River in central Seville’s Triana district, is home to some of Spain’s leading research institutes. Denizens like the Doñana Biological Station, the National Center for Accelerators, the Institute for Microelectronics and the Andalusian Molecular Biology and Regenerative Medicine Center all call the Cartuja93 Technological Park home.

Mass spectrometry, a new tool for precision medicine

Precision medicine applied to breast cancer has traditionally drawn up patient profiles with the use of techniques such as genomic sequencing and microarrays. Over the past decade, proteomics research has achieved breakthroughs in the identification and quantification of certain biomarkers in clinical samples, which help stratify patients by the sub-type of breast cancer that they develop.