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flow cytometry

Spectral cytometry, from PlayStation to “future strategy”

In 1995, months after the debut of the PlayStation in Japan, Sony launched the video game console in the United States and Europe. It was an immediate success. The company sold more than 104 million units over the next decade, clearly outperforming its closest competitor, the Sega Saturn. With the PlayStation, games like Gran Turismo, Metal Gear or Final Fantasyentered video game history.

Chromosome sorting goes “back to the future”

No one can question the advancements represented by DNA sequencing. The contribution made by technological cores specialized in genomics has made possible the first molecular consensus on colorectal cancer. The arrival of a new technique, especially if it is as innovative and revolutionary as this one, always implies the abandonment of other technologies.

Single virus sorting: a revolution in flow cytometry

“Sorting individual viral particles makes it possible to identify and sequence the genomes of viruses one by one,” states Òscar Fornàs, head of the Flow Cytometry Unit of Pompeu Fabra University and the Centre for Genomic Regulation. The goal behind this new application is to be able to know any type of virus present on Earth. In fact, as Fornàs tells Biocores, “we estimate that we only know 1% of the viruses that exist on the planet.”