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Exactly the reagents scientists want, when they want them

Author: BD Biosciences

BD Biosciences presents BD Optibuild™ custom reagents, which offer more fluorochrome options with the antibodies that scientists need. In other words, these reagents give researchers access to custom antibody-dye combinations as easily and conveniently as ordering a standard catalog item.

Whether scientists want to minimize compensation or add new markers to complex experiments, BD OptiBuild™ reagents provide flexibility to evaluate new colors and simplify the panel design. Because of the critical importance of panel design and reagent accessibility to drive scientific goals, Optibuild provides scientists a wide variety of choices and avoids redesigning panels because the reagents they need are unavailable.

Unlike traditional large scale and expensive custom conjugates, these reagents come in convenient 50-μg vials and can be ordered the same way as any catalog reagent. Although these products are made on demand, scientists can receive their Optibuild™ purchases at their location within two or three weeks.

Thanks to BD Optibuild™ reagents, scientists are no longer limited to commonly available in-stock products, therefore, they can now design their multicolor panels with much greater choice and flexibility.

Although BD Biosciences has introduced nearly 1,000 new BD Optibuild™ reagents, included in the BD Horizont Brilliant dye family, BD near-term focus is to expand the portfolio to more cell surface antibodies and more BD Horizon Brilliant dyes. Their aim is to make the BD Optibuild portfolio grow through the immediate availability of reagents as new antibodies and new dyes are introduced. Want to stay up to date on what’s next? Visit the BD Biosciences’ website and don’t miss this opportunity.